A Sample of My Planning:

James, you know who you are, don’t read this!!!!

This week, I’m gearing up to run a one or two shot game for a friend who has never gotten to play in a Star Wars campaign . . . so since I just spent two hours writing, I thought I would share a sample of my pre-game “home work” with you, dear reader, so that you could see the kinds of notes I like to make for myself prior to a session.  It more or less encompasses the first few social encounters of the game, and is meant for the fantasy flight “Rebellion” system.  Sorry for the lack of pictures, Disney is tight-fisted with it’s copyrights!  I generally read the italic parts to my players, and then let them react to the situation!

NPC Rank: (This is to simplify the npc’s in the system, which I am relatively unfamiliar with.)

Legendary*: 3 yellow in something they’re good at, plus perks that let them ignore black dice. 2 yellow 1 green in class skills, 1 yellow 2 green in things they’re bad at.

Heroic: 2 yellow 1 green in something they’re good at, plus perks. 1 yellow 2 green in class skills, 3 green in things they’re bad at.

Normal: 1 yellow 2 green in something they’re good at, 1 yellow 1 green in class skills, 2 green in everything else.

Easy: 1 yellow 1 green in something they’re good at, 2 green in everything else.


Ch. 1: Aboard the Redemption

As the starlines in the viewport revert to fixed points, the myriad dizzying colors of hyperspace flicker and then die, leaving you alone in the vast emptiness of regular space. Well, almost alone.  Suspended in space before you is an oblong, asymmetrical shape, little more than a wad of engines connected to a wedge shaped hull by a slender tube.  Klaxons begin blaring, filling the small cockpit with enough noise to make a firefight seem relaxing.  Above the alarms, LOM-8’s eerily cold voice booms out of the speakers in his mouth, “Calm down.  They’re just painting us with their not inconsiderable sensor arrays.” A charge of static bursts from the intercom, a woman’s voice, saying, “Unidentified ship, power down shields and weapons, and prepare to be boarded.  I hope you can explain how you got these coordinates, because you’re about to have a really bad day if you can’t.”

A dark haired, slender woman in a light brown, blue sleeved uniform, flanked by two rebel soldiers, greets you at the airlock.  She doesn’t smile, and the dark circles under her eyes betray a sense of exhaustion.  She looks you up and down and say, “Well, come on then.  I’m not so far removed from Alderaan that I’ll kill a few sentients without checking out thier story first.  She leads you to a small conference room, and leaves you with a tankard of water, and a few ration cubes.

One way or the other, the characters are brought aboard the frigate, and put in a locked conference room with water and ration cubes.  An hour passes, and Captain Marquez enters the room.

*Captain Marquez (Heroic) – Alderanian, dark hair, slender, tall, commanding.  She has dark circles under her eyes, and treats the PC’s matter of factly, even after confirming their bonafides.

Talking Points:

  1. story checks out.
  2. They have to prove themselves . . . A recommendation from Moonam isn’t good enough.  
  3. On the mission, for insurance, Lom-8 will be piloting another crew, while you are stuck with one of our guys . . . to keep an eye on you, and because Lom-8 is something of a curiosity.
  4. Do you accept the mission? You don’t get to know specifics beforehand, except that you will be running munitions off an Imperial world, and it will be dangerous.  They can walk around the ship, but only if accompanied by Ken and a protocol droid named Emtrey.  Lom-8 has volunteered to be studied by Dr. Rolkied, who has an interest in A.I.


*Emtrey (Heroic only for scrounging) – strange droid, reminds you a great deal of Lom-8


If they choose to explore the ship, read the following:

Each corridor you pass is absolutely martial, all in hard whites and greys, with the occasional hard black.  Each person you pass has a hard, hollow look, like soldiers who have seen too much, and lived too long in the shadow of some great loss.  Emtrey casually announces that 42.3% of the crew are survivors of Alderaan, a planet you recognize from the rebel propoganda machine . . . an entire planet destroyed?! It simply isn’t possible.  But from the glances you are catching, something must have happened . . . something worth hating the empire for.


The Hydrospanner’s Bolthole.

:Shop, with all goods rarity five or lower.


Run by Quiggles, a Duros refugee from Coruscant.  He has special interest in Laminate armor parts and will pay full price for them.


Aldera’s Peace:

Emtrey takes to an inconspicuous doorway on an otherwise barren hall, but as the door opens, you hear the low rumble of music, conversation, and the occasional raucous laugh.  The rec room, called Aldera’s Peace, is a narrow space filled wall to wall with tables and chairs.  A bar runs the length of the left side of the room, with a what looks like a repurposed surgery droid casually mixing drinks, while the entire right wall of the room is covered in two dimensional representations of happy looking humans, peacefully green vistas, and the occasional holoprojection, depicting happy scenes.  A large plaque above the wall reads “Never Forget.” A group of pilots in rebel orange sit at a back table, watching a holo of a recent space battle, using their arms and hands to reenact remembered maneuvers, and it is from this table that the laughter is coming from.  At a large table in the center sit five humanoids, dressed in the white, black, and khaki of rebel troops, quietly nursing drinks.  One, a horned Devaronian, gestures at you to join his table.


Red and Green teams:

Red Leader:

1) Dev Sandar, Devaronian, Heroic Commando.  He made his home on the peaceful slopes of Mt. Alder, before the Death Star blew it up. Welcoming, but sad.  His smile never reaches his eyes.


Red 2:

2) Flax Voltune, Human Alderaanian, Normal Commando. He is quiet, untrusting.  He looks over the newcomers constantly, as though sizing them up.


Red 3:

3) Sam Newman, Human Alderaanian, Normal Pilot.  His face is shadowed, and he openly speaks out about the need to hold to Alderaan’s non-violent philosophies.  


Green Leader:

Alice Dweller, Selonian Female, Heroic Commando.  Her catlike features are hard to read, but her friendly and open demeanor so much to soften her angular face.  She speaks of a fear that the Empire will know they’re coming, because Vader and the Emperor practice the “dark arts.”


Green two:

Gom Shugard, Corellian Human, Heroic Smuggler.  Gom is a burly, blustery man with massive handlebar mustaches.  He is in stark contrast to Alice in that he is not friendly at all, and openly accuses the pc’s of being double agents.  


The conversation can go however it needs to.  Talking points:

  1. Dev greets the newcomers and asks them about themselves.
  2. Flax is obtrusive in his vigilance, possibly evoking a comment from a PC
  3. Flax’s only comments are about revenge, righting wrongs, and killing imperials.
  4. Sam pleads with Flax, asking how much of himself he will lose to these dark times, and whether or not he will ever embrace peace again.
  5. Flax replies that, when he is standing over the smoking ashes of the emperor, maybe then.  He will put some in a capsule to release at the Alderaanian asteroid belt, to help his family rest easy.
  6. Alice brings up the possibility that tomorrow’s mission is a trap. Dev tells her to can the talk, they aren’t supposed to discuss the mission, and that her fears are unwarranted.
  7. Gom accuses the PC’s of being double agents, telling them to watch their backs tomorrow, lest they catch a stray laser . . . he’ll be watching them for anything suspicious.
  8. Dev tells everyone to get some rack time, the mission starts in nine hours.  


At this point, the PC’s can do whatever they want.  For the mission briefing, see the “Rebellion Gun Running” file.

I hope you enjoyed reading what I’m going to be putting my players through . . . let me know if this is something you would like to see more often, and as always, don’t fall for the old kobold pit trap!


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