Character Biography 1: Cpt. Lance Winters

This week, I’d like to try something a little different, and if I get positive feedback, I’ll serialize it, adding one new character once per month.  Without further ado, Character Biography One!

Captain Lance Winters, Human 4th level fighter.

Str, 16    Dex, 10    Con, 12    Int, 10    Wis, 14    Cha, 12

Hp: 4d10 +4 (29)   AC: 15 (Breast Plate)

Attack: +1 Longsword +9 (1d10 + 6) or Shield Bash +7 (1d4+4)

Fortitude 5, Reflex 1, Will 3

Feats: Weapon Focus, Longsword.  Weapon Specialization, Longsword.  Improved Shield Bash.  Negotiator.  Power Attack.  All Combat Stats are adjusted for feats.

Skills: Diplomacy +6, Sense Motive +7, Bluff +4, Perception +6 Others as needed.

Gear: +1 Longsword with city crest, Breast Plate Armor, 1 potion cure minor wounds, manacles, 15 gp.


This character may be used as a guard captain in any setting, but for the least amount of tweaking, he is best suited for a small town.

Captain Lance Winters
Captain Lance Winters

Lance Winters was born in the small borderland town of Fort Pracola.  Having lived there these past 40 years, he has gotten to know everyone in what he considers “his” town very well, from the most pious priest, to the lowest drunkard.

The mean streets of Fort Pracola
The mean streets of Fort Pracola

While growing up, Lance dreamed of a life spent adventuring out in the wider world.  He would see the caravans come in, guarded by exotic men and women from the furthest corners of the world, and dream of the day he would finally be old enough to earn his pay as a sword for hire.  He would go amongst the visitors and listen to their tales of high adventure.

At home, Lance’s father, a lieutenant in the town guard, would listen to his son’s tales, humoring his dreams, but tempering them with small pieces of reality.  His mother would work at the keep all day, cleaning for the lord and lady, before coming home to prepare dinner for her family.  They were a picturesque, happy family.

For 18 years, Lance lived the content life of a borderland child.  Until the Hobgoblins came.

It started with a merchant, given access to the city without a moment’s hesitation.  Unknown to the town guard, the merchant’s wagons were filled to the brim with troublesome goblins, who crept by cover of darkness to the gates, in order to let the fiercer hobgoblins in.  By a stroke of luck, Lance’s father was able to sound the alarm which saved many lives that night, but not before being mortally wounded.  Lance got his mother to the safety of the inner keep, and watched as men of his town put their lives on the line against a superior foe.  He learned that night that glory and valor are not always the product of adventure.  Sometimes, the defining moment of a man’s life happens less than a hundred yards from where he was born.

Life Lesson Learned? Nat 20
Life Lesson Learned?
Nat 20

At 40, Cpt. Winters is liked by his men, the town, and the nobility at the keep.  Often, he takes his supper with the Lord himself, as they are both bachelors of an age that might make most of the women of the town blanche.  If he is overly suspicious of visitors to his keep, well, that can be forgiven.  Cpt. Winters learns from his mistakes, uses force as an absolute last resort, and can be found most days patrolling the streets himself armed with a magical longsword, a gift from the lord of the keep.

Roleplaying Tips:  Remember that the Captain is familiar with everyone in his city, so he can take a 20 on local knowledge checks concerning people.  He is suspicious of outsiders, but not unfriendly.  He will often assign one of his men to follow visitors to his city for the duration of their stay.  He’s gruff, but earnest.  An ally to a good party, and a thorn in the side of an evil one.

This has been my first attempt at a full in-depth biography.  Leave a comment to let me know what you think, or to offer any suggestions.  See you next week, and as always, don’t fall for the kobold pit trap!


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